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About Blue Sky Stock Footage

As a cinematographer-owned boutique, Blue Sky Stock Footage understands and caters to the needs of production professionals. We offer exclusive high definition and film-originated footage that has been shot to exacting commercial standards and digitally transferred on the latest equipment.

Since its founding in 1993 by Academy Award winning cinematographer Bill Mitchell, Blue Sky Stock Footage has followed the latest industry trends, and currently offers:

  • DOWNLOADABLE MASTER CLIPS - Buy and download 35mm film and high definition sourced stock footage clips in time lapse and real time. Clips are available for immediate download: HD and SD; NTSC and PAL video formats 8-bit Uncompressed 4:2:2, Apple ProRes, H264, PhotoJpeg and DV QuickTime and Windows Media Video and Flash. There is no lab cost to download our clips.
  • PHYSICAL MASTERS - Most clips are also accessible on 35mm interpositive, dupe negative or film scan for feature films and high resolution video productions. Footage is easily available at our labs in Los Angeles for transfer to D-5, DigiBeta and other tape formats. Additionally, we provide our footage on hard drives. For physical formats there are additional lab costs.
  • ONLINE AND CUSTOM RESEARCH - Browse stock footage categories and search by keywords, filter clips to narrow down search and view clips in QuickTime or Flash online. Download free full-length and an 8-frame high-resolution sample clips to evaluate the content, image quality and cadence available for every clip in the library. Fill out Research Request form and when we have the footage you need we will quickly make a clip bin of the footage you are seeking and send you a link to view and edit and share with others as you wish.
  • CUSTOM CINEMATOGRAPHY AND PRODUCTION SERVICES - We offer custom shoots on film and high definition video on the latest film equipment and specialize in motion control and dolly shots, time lapse, rigging up and maintaining filming multiple days or year long shots; from one shot to your entire spot, we offer full production services to match your productions needs. We showcase extensive professional filming experience shooting interiors and exteriors locations and people, nature, cityscapes and aerials.

    Blue Sky Footage goes the extra mile in the production of a custom shoot, offering productions an affordable means to acquire lots of footage often for around the same price as licensing a shot. To view our client list, download Blue Sky Footage Client List to view our many satisfied customers over the past 17 years.
Blue Sky Footage Client List


Owner/Cinematographer, Bill Mitchell (View Profile)

Cinematographer Bill Mitchell has always has always enjoyed shooting experimental cinematography starting young and winning a student Academy Award in the Experimental category for his 35mm student film "Zebu". After finishing his BA in film at Loyola Marymount University, he worked as an IMAX projectionist, camera and post production assistant on feature films including the signature 70 mm film, Baraka.

He has a passion for filming and has spent much of his career shooting on various film, video and digital cameras. Bill has owned many different cameras including Mitchell, Eyemo, Aaton, Arriflex film cameras and Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Nikon, JVC and RED digital cameras.

Over 20 years ago he began to license his footage for commercials, feature films, music video and various other video projects. He has an extensive stock footage film library that can be viewed here. Mitchell has lived the last 20 years in Los Angeles and Santa Fe, NM.

Today, Bill is a custom shooter for commercials, features, and TV shows, and his stock images have been seen in countless productions. He is member of IATSE Local 600. Bill continues to find time to travel the world, shooting fresh, new stock footage - searching out unique blends of light, space and time. Bill also thrives as a video projectionist artist, using his footage to create custom content for live productions.

He is an expert in the field of camera operating and timelapse, his shooting skills spans an array of techniques, including multi-camera driving shots and motion control along with live action shots. Bill Mitchell continues to innovate developing custom film equipment and experiment in create the highest quality stock footage. Bill brings to production creative and technical skills to succeed, with extensive knowledge of the most current film industry equipment and technology. He is experienced with filmmaking process from preproduction through postproduction. He enjoys collaborating developing an artistic vision for a project and then producing it.



The Blue Sky sales staff is experienced in commercial, television, and feature production. We provide the personalized service required by demanding schedules. Our staff is here to serve you and answer questions Monday through Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., PST, and we have agents throughout the world.

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